Your Eco Friendly and Reliable Tezos Baking Service

About GreenTez is the evolution of one of the first Tezos delegate services with servers located in Switzerland. We eco friendly bake (Tezos Proof-of-Stake) your delegated XTZ on our secure and stable server infrastructure.

Together we can contribute to the block generation process and help the Tezos network grow. But most important: you get a great reward!


  • Fee: 8%
  • Highly efficient and reliable infrastructure with low power consumption
  • Running on 100% renewable energies: naturemade label, gold certified electricity
  • Secure servers based in Switzerland
  • Baking experience since 2018 (former
  • Automated payout after every cycle
  • Min Delegation Amount: 50 XTZ

Delegate now

Baker address

How to delegate

We recommend you to use and connect a Ledger Hardware Wallet.

You can go along the following steps by using the Temple Tezos Wallet:

  1. Create a new account or import an existing account (using private key or seed words and pass phrase)
  2. Send XTZ some to your account (tz1…) required for step 5
  3. Select your account, navigate to the tab “Delegation” and click “Delegate now” or “re-delegate” if you are delegating already
  4. Then insert the following address of our baker into the field “Baker”: tz1gXWW1q8NcXtVy2oVVcc2s4XKNzv9CryWd (greentez.tez)
  5. Choose the “Additional Fee” to be “Minimal” and confirm by clicking “Delegate”
  6. Keep in mind that a min. balance of 50 XTZ is required to use our service
  7. Wait for your reward 🙂

Your Tezos will at any time stay in your possession since we just receive the so-called baking rights.

Never give away your private key nor your seed words.

Contact us

We are happy to answer your questions or get feedback.

Donations in XTZ
tz1gXWW1q8NcXtVy2oVVcc2s4XKNzv9CryWd (greentez.tez)